Hard Maple


Hard maple sapwood is bright white and extremely consistent in color. The state of Michigan is well recognized as having a superior resource in hard maple as the heartwood content is typically small to non-existent and the wood contains very little to no fleck or mineral. When present, the heartwood is light to dark brown. A close fine texture and straight grain are normal characteristics of hard maple; however such unique figures such as ‘curly’, ‘fiddleback’, and ‘birds-eye’ can occur. Hard maple dries with a large shrinkage and can be prone to movement in performance. Pre-boring is recommended for nailing and screwing. The wood machines and turns well with the proper care and can be polished to a very good finish. Because of its strength, hard maple has a high resistance to damage and wear.

Availability at Kamps Hardwoods:

Hard maple is offered in all NHLA grades, 3Com&Btr, as well as proprietary grades. Width sorted product is available, primarily in S/Btr grades. Color sorts include: #1 white only (white 4 faces), #1+2 white (standard grade), and brown. Hard Maple is offered in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4 and 12/4 thickness.

Main Uses

Hard maple is often used for flooring, and the most commonly used specie in gym/basketball floors. Hard maple is also used in cabinets, furniture, worktops and cutting surfaces, doors, handrails, and wood turnings.

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