Soft Maple


Soft Maple resembles hard maple and has many of the same characteristics; however, it is not as hard or strong. It is a closed, straight grained wood that is normally uniform in color. Red Leaf soft maple is most common in Michigan. It has less fleck than silver leaf maple, which is found in other states in the northern region. The sapwood is a white/light cream color and the heartwood is a light brown. The heartwood tends to run larger in soft maple trees than hard maple trees, so color sorting is usually less stringent in the white sorts. Soft maple machines well.

Availability at Kamps Hardwoods:

Soft maple is offered in all NHLA grades. WHND is put up 1C&Btr (10-15% 2Com). WHAD grade sorts are offered in S/Btr, 1Com, and 2Com. Color sorts include Sap1face/btr and Brown. Soft Maple is offered in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 10/4, and 12/4 thickness.

Main Uses

Soft Maple can be used as a less expensive substitute for hard maple. The wood is also often stained to resemble other species such as cherry. Worm-holes-no-defect soft maple is commonly used in the frames of upholstered furniture. Other applications include cabinets, mouldings, picture frames, and doors.

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