The heartwood of hickory is brown to reddish brown, while the sapwood is white. The grain is coarse and predominant and varies from straight to wavy. Bird pecks and other small markings are normal in hickory and not considered defects. Hickory is hard, heavy, and strong. It has large shrinkage during kiln drying. It also can be difficult to machine and glue, while extra care and pre-boring is often required to avoid splitting.

Availability at Kamps Hardwoods:

Hickory is offered in all NHLA grades, 3Com&Btr, as well as proprietary grades, such as Rustic. Color sorts include Calico(mix of heart/sap), heavy heart, sappy, and unselected for color. Hickory is offered in 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 thickness.

Main Uses

Hickory is often used in sporting goods, to include baseball bats, hockey sticks, skis, archery equipment, fishing rods, and golf clubs. The wood’s strength also makes it excellent for building materials such as tool handles and wooden ladders. Other uses include flooring, cabinets, and furniture.

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